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Our Flavors

We have over 18 different flavors, plus specials that are only available for a short time! Come by often and follow our Facebook page for updates! 

Maple Bacon

A New Classic, combines two breakfast favorites- Bacon and Maple! 

Cotton Candy

This unique flavor is a favorite for both kids and adults!  


Tastes as fresh as though the berries were picked this morning! 

Chocolate with Peanuts

Our delicious Chocolate Glaze pairs perfectly with chopped peanuts! 

Red Chile Chocolate with Pistachios

 A Micro Doughnuts Original- Sweet and Subtle Red Chile Chocolate topped with Red Chile dusted Pistachios from New Mexico. Sure to be your new favorite flavor!

Cream Cheese

Sweet and Creamy Cream Cheese topping is great by itself or pairs well with any of our fruit toppings! 


Tart and Sweet Lemon Glaze is made with fresh lemons and sprinkles for crunch!  

Dirty Snow

Everyone wonders- what is Dirty Snow? It's our Powdered Sugar and Cinnamon Sugar combined! 

Chocolate Hazelnut

A European favorite is a decadent indulgence!  

Powdered Sugar

We love this fair ground classic! 


Perfect treat that's made with real Raspberries! 

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